Background Editing for PureSlider Currently Locked

Section must be unlocked to edit the background image above. Unlocking the background editing will hide any content you dragged and dropped, and let you add/change/remove the background image for each slide. This black section is a helper section and is only visible in the Weebly editor. This black section will not show on your live published website.

crafted with pixel-perfect precision

A Beautiful, Professional Theme


100% Responsive

Pristine is a beautiful premium Weebly theme that looks great on any device.


Specialty Features

Includes PureSlider header slideshows, TrueDepth parallax, and more.


Animated & Dynamic

Pristine's interface is sprinkled with lovely animations to immerse your visitors.


Designed for Weebly

Pristine works flawlessly with Weebly and supports all Weebly features.


Very Easy to Use

As a completely drag and drop theme, Pristine is extremely easy to use and install.


Designer Sections

Pristine features dozens of professionally designed sections that you can add.

inspire and captivate your audience

Beautiful, Timeless Design


the latest technology

Powered by Modern Code


​flawless on both mobile & desktop

Powered by OneFlow 7.0™

Pristine is powered by OneFlow 7.0, which is an advanced platform that ensures Pristine looks flawless on any mobile and desktop device out there. With Pristine, your website is universally compatible.


pristine is magical

Parallax that Works on Mobile

Unlike default Weebly themes, Pristine includes 3D parallax and header sliders that work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, with no lag or speed issues.

pixel-perfect precision

A Theme Crafted With Love


fast performance and high seo

Fast, Light Code

Google loves our code. Pristine features an advanced, heavily optimized code.


promote your brand

Highly Customizable

For brand-centric organizations, Pristine's incredible flexibility lets you customize anything.


no code required

Very Easy to Use

Pristine is extremely easy to use and install. You don't need any technical expertise to use Pristine.

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Countless of Designs and Page Types

[ i ] Parallax section below. Click on the section below to upload image. Don't worry if it looks weird in the Weebly editor. It'll look normal on your published site.

To edit or delete your image, press the "toggle" button below. Then, hover over your image until a popup appears with the "edit" and "delete" options. Since these are parallax sections, you may need to scroll a bit up or down to be able to click on the "edit image" popup.

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